Saturday, November 10, 2001


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Scary huh?
ah.. yesterday was a kick in the butt! All day through out school I wasn't trying! Damn! why should I? it was friday! and a 3-day weekend bonus! woo hoo! Yesterday was so cool though, even though i forgot my chem lab book in my locker and got no work done! o well! becuase after 7th i went to the rally, and the head football coach came in the gym on a motorcycle! haha tight shit! then after that i was just kicking back at school watchin my old cross country team take there pictures. So when that was over, me and dan'l decided to play some ball and called the folks up. Me and dan'l versus Johnny and Ashley! a long waited match. Well after the score was 10 - 2, Dan'l and I leading, i told dan'l just to have fun. We still won, 20 - 10? haha that game was s0o k0o! well after that i wanted to goto the last football game for my sk0o, but ashley didn't wanna go so we just didn't. We ended up goin to the Old Spaghetti Factory, it was my first time, and we had such a good waiter dude! we even tipped him 3 bucks =P haha the bill was $39.99 tho. and I remember wen i was eating my "special ice cream(inside joke)" it just started smelling hekka bad!!! like B.O. or shit? so i looked around, 2 ppl just came in, and on the other side is a baby, well i didnt finish my "special ice cream" we left. We went off to Borders! ya kno how the place has music right? Well johnny was dancing, i dont kno to what, but damn, he cant dance! Then i spent a lot of time sitting down looking at the Guniess World Book of Records 2002. and i went home *ah*

Thursday, November 08, 2001

this was my away message on aim... "fuck u vincent! i dont give a fuck this doesnt have to do anything with u! but im not gonna beat up ur sister! imma beat u up! i got introuble today wen i came home! i was waiting outside, in the cold, at night! my mom came home! and asked where were my keys?! i said i lost em.. that was the best lie i could make up.. look at that? ur ugly ass sis made me lie to my mom, i havnt lied to my mom in the longer! look at that! damn your bitch ass family! i still havnt gotten my shit back! imma keep jacking ur shit until i have all my shit back! ur hat sucks.. but o well its mine's now!

vincent, want your hat back?

"for a price" bitch!"

I was having a good day until I was home and realized that Vincent's sister still have my keys that she stole! That ugly bitch! arg! and when i realized it, my friends just dropped me off and left, it was dark, gettin chilly, and no one was home!

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Fucking bitch! can i cus at blogger? well i just did! grRrR!! well first i was at the weak ass talent show! basically all singing and 3 piano's! but the piano's were good! good job tuan and han!! o yea, and this one military dude spinning a gun around! omg that was boring! but then my friends sis, this bitch! had to go and jack my keys! like most people, they return the fucking shit at the end! but wen the talent show was over, the bitch aint give me shit! so im walking home, and im thinking, maybe the bitch just hid the fucking keys somewhere in my backpack! fucking I'm infront of my door digging through my shit and i aint find shit! damn that bitch! if i dont get my shit back! arg! i'll get her! imma get me a new cellie!

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Today's the first time i wore the hooded sweater i bought from miller's. It's k0o and all, but i think i should of gotten x-large instead. It doesnt go down much and the hood! arg! the hood! barely goes around my head! i hate it! ahHhh! and the pants i bought! ahHH! too skinny and short.. ugh! Atleast today at bball practice, the switched tutoring and playing time around. so wen it gets dark, they're in tutoring.. but i left after practice. Minh had to go! all good. he had work. And damn, tomorrow I have to be at school by 7:30 to put in my chicken that we're making for food and nutrition. The teach said only takes 15 min's and school starts at 9 15. so i Hope i can fall asleep in class!

Monday, November 05, 2001

I'm so new at this. =P I have no clue what' I'm doing. and i saw this theme and thought of my friend Minh and chose it.. for now. Well my day was. ah.. weird? i had bball practice.. and by the time we get out to play.. its totally dark! damn day light savings! And i ended up staying up late finishing up hw, that's my procrasinating's a problem!