Friday, November 16, 2001

Ah... day was a bitch! I couldn't copy no one's Chem lab.. and you know, lab's are big points! Well I didn't get to turn it in =(. After school I was playing bball with the folks and after that Minh, Dung and I went to watch the Freshman girls bball team play Rutter's team. JV play against Teachers, and Varsity play against the Elumi? (those people who used to goto Florin, old people =P) Well during the varsity game, some shit comes down, we miss most of the game, I spend the time walking around with Dung looking for someone I won't name. The person was around my neighborhood last seen across the street from the side of the school. Dung and I walked to my house, back, and around Florin with a flashlight and saw no one. But I will say as we were walking it the cold darkness, we heard a loud scream! and as we were walking, ahead of us was a bird and flew, and you know the sound the bird makes when they fly, well since we didn't know the bird was there, it was pretty freaky! We went home not ever find that person. It's not 11 pm and we still havn't found that person.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

damn I thought i was going to be the assistant cook for food and nutrition. But I was yet again the dishwasher. I remember being the dishwasher for the Thanks Giving meal's. That was a lot of dishes *phew* glad that's over with. Had end of unti test for principal of tech 1 class, i stressed over all the math problems, like 5-6 of em? and at the and it was basically all guessing. But when Lam saw my answers and compared them to his answers, he said that I did good, better then Doung? keke! In 3rd period english, a note on the door told us to goto the lil theater, in the theater my teacher (director of the play Up and Down Stairs.) tell's us that we're in the theater because someone has urinated all over the control boards and he need's time to fix it. And the person that urinated is still not known. But my friend say's it's someone that quit. And then in 7th period, Kelly realized that I've stolen my mole back.. lol.. and she wanted her, she distracted the sub while i hopped on the station and jacked her ballerina Mole. After school, Minh was hungry, and we went to AmPm and we both ate 2 hot dogs each. We were pretty full, i only paid for one, but Phuc didn't want his, so it was given to me! Well after we were stuffed, we went to Will C. Wood for Club YEX like we usually do and then we find out they're having thanks giving dinner! well all i wanted was some pie, and Theresa gave me chicken, and a lot of chicken too. lol i didn't eat it, i let Phuc have it? haha all good. As we were leaving, there were a lot of left over food, phuc took 2 bags of chips. I hate some of the chips in the car and gave it back. Coming home, i had a lot of time to think, I was really depressed. I didn't know what to think. I'm always thinking about this. It's killing me. I don't know what to do. I left to shower, my away message was "Anxiety and depression doesn't mix." I came back, and the thing bugging me was gone. As i write this, i still think about it, but im busy with U.S. history hw. i hope i dont get slowed down. and for the first thursday in a long time, i have no clue wat imma do 2morrow?(friday) =P

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

ah Took big exam for Coooking class, I guess it was easy, since it was scantron =P. Then I had a math game for PT, after I saw how the first problem was done, I could handle the rest. So Simple. Then I had a quiz in English. Damn Bless Me, Ultima is such a boring book. I hope I did good on the quiz. And I have to say that the "ghetto wanna be's," Christina and that stupid mexican dude(forgot his faggotity ass name), in my class were awfully rude to the subsitute.

Well today I also got me a grade check, and I already knew most of my graders were border line, but here's a update on my grades.

Period 1
Class: Food and Nutrition
Teacher: Ms. Adams
Grade: A
Comments: Good Student

Period 2
Class: Principal of Technology 1
Teacher: Ms. Salmonson
Grade: A 94%
Comments: Agreed

Period 3
Class: English 11
Teacher: Mr. Nauman
Grade: A-

Period 4
Class: Honors Pre-Cal
Teacher: Mrs. Sutton
Grade: B

Period 5
Class: Lunch

Period 6
Class: U.S. History
Teacher: Mr. Setzer
Grade: B+

Period 7
Class: Chemistry
Teacher: Ms. Isacsson
Grade: B

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

ah... mostly kick back today. Last week or so I had to leave 6th period (U.S. History) early, and we were doing reader's theather. Well my teacher said that the assignment wouldn't be worth many points. Today i found out it was 25 points and my grade has dropped to a B+. When a grade is border line, every point counts. Well after school, I went to Club YEX like I usually do, but by the time i get there, Tuan, the new guy, is handling the basketball players. I'm the assistant bball coach! Well now when i goto club YEX i just walk around. Lost. This girl said , "ugly ricky!" to me today. I know, they're just kids, but that hurt. Today Joeper also came to Club YEX, and he kick's it with Long. Arg! i hate them both! Fucking Long talking mess about how i play volleyball. Damn! He only an 8th grader! I swear I'd like to fight him sometime. At the end of practice, some of my bball kids called me over, and told me that they wanted me to be coach. Sou even said, "I'll come back when your coach." Yes, Sou quit. But why when I coach? He never listen's to me anyways! Well today was also Club YEX's dance thingy, I wanted to watch, but Minh wanted to go home and watch the kings game. And Phuc sprained his ankle. He'll survive, happen's to me a lot.

Monday, November 12, 2001

woke up.. "hardcore" rain outside. Scary shit. Boring day, need to go buy more binder paper and blank cd's. Minh need's to do what he says, and stop sleeping!

Sunday, November 11, 2001

woke up 5 30 am this morning, went running with my folks! wen me and danny were at the track at sk0o, we saw 3 people sneaking around, they saw us, went beind the big storage thing by the portables, then hoped the fence, and as we were leaving, we saw em' at the door of one of the classes, i should stop by later and see what they did. So ew ran off to Isabell to stretch then by Costco to Anna Kirchgator, my old school, Stroll Down Memory Lane. After that, we started heading to Starbucks! i Gotta White Choculate Mocha? haha, it was good, and Dan'l was amused by the label, "Caution, The drink you're about to enjoy is extremely Hot." and Now we're at dan'l's house playing pool and im online =P

ah... Home now, folks over, cuz playing starcraft, Just hekka hating on my game. I swear he sucks more then me! =P

Oh yeah, and that white choculate mocha thingy from Starbucks, NEVER BUY LARGE, *ah* I wasn't feeling so good.