Saturday, November 24, 2001

Today was also, pretty boring. Thought I was going to do nothing all day. I woke up to the loud thunderous sounds of wind, rain, and whatever's out my window bashing on my window. I was sadly, sleeping good too. After a couple boring hours. Dan'l invited me to play some basketball with him. Which really shocked me, it was windy and freezing outside!! But we still did. When I first left my house, this being the first time I left the whole day, there were little black berries all over the ground!! but o well, i left. By the time we arrived at school, It was still cold! Started shooting around, I was doing so bad. But when dan'l got tipped out, it was ashley and I one on one. I was hekka scoring. About to win and all. I got tipped! and it was my 3rd. Out of the game. We went back to dan'l's place. Johnny calls, then comes. We play some pool, computer games. goto mc donalds, and come back and watch "the animal." But the weird thing is, before we all go home, we end up talking about the old cross country days, rashes, lices, tics, mosquito bites, bee bites, etc etc. Lol. that is weird.
yesterday was weird... we had american style thanksgiving.. but.. thanksgiving was the day before? o well .. all good.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Thanksgiving and i aint eat shit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

My aim info as of that date ------->
It started as simple frustration.
Grew to anger.
Argueing and yelling came yet so quick.
Now so quiet.
Not a peep in the house.
Soaked tears.
Loud whimpers.
And many sadden faces.
boring ass day. change of plans.. no running in the morning.. no movies in the afternoon. Bored! atleast i got to spend a lot of time by myself. I don't like people always trying to get into my business. It usually takes me awfully long to let things out.
Damn... yesterday was great.. until i got home. 7th period took 97 question test multiple choice. Fuck was hard. After sk0o, we headed straight to Will C. Wood and watched rutter club yex play volleyball and bball against will c. wood club yex. Other then WCW winning first for Boys bball, Rutter won every other award. and some of the WCW are such bitches. Well after all that, we went to the florin bball game. We came at half time for the JV game. But i have to say that the Alumni varsity game was tight. Well when i got home.. i was bitched at and told never to go out again.. other shit happened.. but o well.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

Just woke the FUCK UP!!! and I'm already getting bitched at!! fuck! I swear! they never think about me! I have things to do too. And they just want me to do what they do! I'm struggling in school! FUCKEN! i just won't do bullshit! then i'll tell them it's there fault! then they'll bitch more! what a bunch of fucken asses!
I was online late on Friday... so I was very tired at vietnamese school. Played with fire! Yes, I know, very stupid. My cousin has been going out with my friend's cousin, and they're all 8th graders, well my cuz(the female of the relationship) told me that my friend's cuz was too mature! ROFL! After viet school, kicked back a bit, then I went and played bball at sk0o. I went to get Dan'l... and while hopping the higher fence, I couldn't get my hand free on time when jumping down so that I couldn't pick up balance on the fall. Landed Palm, Feet, and ass down! pain!! I was limping a bit. Got to dan'l's to realize.. no one was home. So i went back, this time hopping the shorter fence =X. All good! We played for a long ass fucken time, then leave. I hated playing that day. Ashley was always in my way! And when I'm tired, I'm just not in the mood for all that bs that Johhnny be throwing out. Well we leave, goto dan'l's. It's the first time i see his sister's new Turntables! O yea! Me, Dan'l, Ronel (ashely's cuz), ashley, and johnny all go through a whole bunch of competitions like pull ups.. push ups.. sit ups.. etc etc. we all win different events? I won pull ups! But sometimes i just have a feeling dan'l's letting me win. Well during our messing around time, we getta call from ****. Dan'l say's **** is on a cell, but we're not sure. Dan'l was in the other room talking on the phone, and i knew he was on the phone with ****. Ashley, Ronel and I were in the game room. The window's open.. and i hear.. "ah hoooooo." i get freaked out! I was going to have a heart attack! I run in the other room with dan'l and ash and ronel followed. When **** is asked where she is, she says.. "far but near." Johnny think's she's in the motel. But we have no clue. We all hope **** is safe and will return to us shortly. Well shortly after, we leave to KFC! it's the first time I see Kelly at work! and damn, hekka managers around.. grrr!!! didn't get nothing hoooked up! but u kno wat's funnie? our order number is 283... but b4 we're even done ordering it, the lady to the left yell's out 283!.. but we just got our recite! They knew what we were gettin! well we get back to dan'l's and we eat. I ate 3 pieces! but gave away my corn cob thingy. I killed the gravy too! but there were no potatoes. I love chicken =). Well after messing around more. We get another call from ****. This time I stayed in the family room watching tv with dan'l's mom. This time we don't get any new information. And ****'s bro, if your reading this, I did page you. Twice I think, But sorry I messed up on the first page.

Well we end up getting bored again. Ashley and Ronel had left by this time. Dan'l's mom comes in to tell us she's going to Walmart. So we decided to go along. We picked out the toilet paper for dan'l's mom! well while looking at the cd cases, johnny tell's me that the weird looking white man is an undercover worker, checking to see if we're stealing. But he leaves. But you know what i noticed? a lot of hoodlum's goto Walmart at night! it was freaking past 12 am! Dan'l says its becuase there's nothing else open. Damn I saw this hot ass filipino girl in line.. but she was all over her man. =X. Well as we were inline paying, we notice 8+ hoodlum's leaving. They're throwing a football around hoping it'd go past the alarms and go off so they could throw it back and leave. It doesnt go past. They all try to walk out in one big group. Alarm goes off. Couple of them walk back and forth past the alarm, goes off every time. We (Johnny and I) notice that one of the black dudes in the middle, put's his hands down his pants and drops his stuff. He get's out! So now after all this, all the guys get back inside. A black guy walks past the alarm, and it goes off. a white guy walks past the alarm.. it DOESNT go off. An azn dude walks by.. it goes off. a white dude walks by it DOESNT go off. and they're all in the same group of friends. well as we leave, we see about 3 of them sittin on the bench about to get sent to the office. In the parking lot at Walmart, there's a tight ass shiny Silver Acura NSX! Well we go home. I notice that the blind's for my house are open. I'm walking up the path way, I see someone wearing dark colors come towards the door from the inside, I'm getting scared, my mom opens the door. Bitching. As i go to get some water, she say's dont bring your backpack around so much! i yell back.. i have no pockets! she tell's me to wear me around my neck.. well i've done it b4! it's annoying.. its either outside my shit banging on my chest. Or it's in my shirt poking at me! and either way its loud! and now im online typing this.. took me about 40 min's and i skipped a lot of details.