Thursday, January 03, 2002

damn been hekka long since i've filled this thing out. Lot's has happened.. like.. hm.. my braces.. i now have to put these bands that connect the top and bottom jaw to pull somethng forward? haha.. hmm for x-mas i got money and a skatebaord from minh. thnx minh..he let me return it too.. with good reason. i dont skateboard! well very little.. no one i know skateboards.. so when would i? and some other stuff. im on break.. havnt done much but goto 24 hour fitness. fun shit.. only 10 days left on the pass.. and im sore like fuck. Sometimes i feel weird when ppl look at me.. i know im weak =*(.

well i'd say more.. but.. yea.. thnx for reading! you guys are the best.