Thursday, February 28, 2002

ah been so long.. i only remember about this place becuase of this email lol..

anyways last friday.. had my wisdom teeth taken out!! pain in the ass!!
but it was funnie!!
the doc' stuck a needle into my arm.. and my eye's were blurry right away.. i was knocked out under 10 secs!!

next thing i know im awake!! haha.. but when they told me to go home.. i started.. STARTED gettin up..and fell back down!! that happened like 5 times? haha

and then walking through the hallways.. i was just bumpin into all the walls haha..

and then me and my mom got on the elevator.. and i fell asleep.. i dont remember gettin out of the elevator.. but next thing i know i was in the streets
and this old white dude.. was like.. "what happened to you?"

you know.. i look like i just got my ass beat! big swollen cheeks.. bleeding mouth that wont close..and i cant even walk!!

well then i said.."ugh bla ka"

and he said.. "oh the dentist"


and then we got in the car.. and we parked across the street from the doc' dude.. at some houses.. but we didn't know we werne't allowed to park there.. my momma gotta $28 buck fine.. i think thats stupid!! those ppl needa move out..